OFWs or Overseas Filipino workers enjoy better income abroad as compared to local job offers in the Philippines. This is the reason many Filipinos sacrifice and work hard abroad for their families and their future. Just like Pinoy local employee equiped with proper financial planning, an OFW can also save and prepare for retirement while sending money for family needs. OFWs earn more anyway, and becoming an OFW someday would have been a dream of a typical working Filipino. Philippine jobs in our opinion only have very few high paying titles that seem to be reserved to well connected employees, employees that engage in dirty office politics, well experienced, or those hardworking and honest staffs. It could be rare blessing to land a high paying job in the Philippines. Most jobs here simply suck, to be honest. Most HR just asks for your current salary and will not select you if you ask for more when switching jobs (of course they may, if you have the talent and experience that is rare in the industry).
OFW career path is a good choice nowadays. However, there is a reason that could stop you from obtaining that work permit and visa- its your medical report. Health is wealth. We know that. But if you are found to have a lung scar, chances of being able to be an OFW is slim. Gulf coast countries or GCC includes Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, etc. They are strick when a person have a lung scar. Along with other medical condition, they do not let you work there if you have such lung scar.

The cure eludes many Filipinos stuck with lung scar. Lung scar may not go away after tuberculosis treatment. 33% is your chance of having lung scar gone after a treatment, 33% chance that lung scar size shrink size, and 33% it does not change size after treatment. There is no treatment to remove the scar. The chance we get is applying to other countries like USA, Canada, Australia and South East Asian countries.
There is a cure for tuberculosis. It is important to consult a pulmonologist. Cure for lung scar might not be available now even if you had TB. But our hopes of becoming OFW and uplift our families will not be hampered by lung scar.

By Kyle

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