How do you retire in the Philippines on your early thirties? You do not need tp be born from a rich family. You do not need to be a lottery winner and become an instant millionaire. You do not need to invest all your hard earned money from quick get rich investment and pyramiding scams. You do not need to join multi-level networking after you got entice of cars, success stories and unending money payouts from recruiting others to join you in the networking company (not sure if car and money from these are not just show pictures lol). But the following tips can actually make a difference. There are lots of people who believe on instant gratification and easy ways and shortcuts to accumulating wealth. There are only few lucky individuals out of hundreds of million lottery betters that actually win.

There are only few people that succeeds in business. Some are very eager to start businesses but are not studying the business. Business requires patience and dedication. Luck also helps, but you need to change your mindset and adapt to situation. Your capital is at risk, and business is not a sure way of being successful.

Becoming OFW or working abroad might be tempting. You always see social media update from friends and public about their salary, and standard of living abroad. They do work hard for every pesos they spend, or every remittances they send home. They do experience being home sick and away from their families when its Christmas or its the graduation day or birthday of their kids. No words might be able to describe their pain being away from their love ones, and they deserve every income they earned from their sweat and blood working abroad. That begs the question how to retire in the Philippines as a staff or employee working 9 hours a day.

We are very much aware of the life of an office staff. We go to work, and get paid if not twice a month, would be paid a  monthly salary. There is a  saying that no employee ever get rich. We might already have a misconception that we will never be able to rest and retire early if not on our 40s, but much more difficult in our early 30s.

Yes, this article is about millenials. We millenials will soon be a major workforce in the office. We will be the employee and staff that will bring the most profound contribution to our improving economic growth. We will be mostly the middle class that are not born from rich families. We will work our way to a good and comfortable life. We will discuss how to retire on our early 30s and live a life we enjoy. (see part 2)

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