Complaining to Lazada is an easy thing to do nowadays. The reason we complain are due to the seller had sent an incorrect item, that there are missing item or items, or items are defective. This is the usual bad thing that might happen not often. When this happens, we only find out about the issue on our online orders with Lazada after few days, when the item is already delivered to us customers. Philippine customers of Lazada enjoys the convenience of online shopping. Although the fee now includes the shipping charge, there are still reason we may opt for online purchases compared to buying at actual store. For one thing, ordering is done online. We can buy anytime as long as we have time, online device, and internet connection. The quick search allows users to find out the cheapest deal. Also, the filter options and advance suggestion and recommendation helps costumers of Lazada to find what they need.

The issues about the items we receive after paying and ordering could give you a headache. Since shipping involves waiting 2 to 3 days, the return of the package adds up to the burden. We complain to Lazada and have a constructive communication in order to resolve costumer issues, identify problems like the seller, and getting the refund based on proof that a mistake happened.

How do you ask Refund or Complain to Lazada?

Depending on your complain, you need to identify what is the issue. By letting Lazada know about the complain, you are voicing out concerns about your order. Customers might not experience smooth transaction perfectly, since we are human. Businesses are run by us, and we as human beings commit mistakes. Complain is a way to resolve our issues with our transaction.

You may try going to the Lazada app or the website to start a chat with their customer service representative and provide them the details of the complaint. You will usually provide the details of the complain, proof of the complaint like pictures of the item being complained. You might be asked to provide the order ID. These details can be seen from the Orders page of your Lazada profile. Usually, Lazada will provide helpful auto response and list of FAQ and answers. Read it as it will be helpful if the problem or complaint is as described in the FAQ or frequently asked questions.

You may reach  out to the official Facebook page of Lazada. Checkout latest announcements and news that might help you with your complaint. A chat option is also existing. It can be done via FB messenger. Just be aware that Lazada website and app is best visited first in order for Lazada to help us with our complaints. Social media is important nowadays, and you may find it helpful.

Lastly, you might request for a return and refund by submitting a request. The refund can be done at a certain duration as of writing. It would be submitted to the seller for review and feedback. Last attempt showed seller will decide in 3 days.

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