What is a Fancy Pigeon?

Fancy pigeons are a type of bird, from the family of common doves. These are domestic pigeons from the varieties of the wild rock dove with scientific name Columba livia. The peculiar traits relating to size, behavior, shape, and color.

Fancy pigeon are beautiful birds like hybrid flowers so to speak, as they couldn’t exist in the wild. Through careful selection of great traits, fancy pigeons are able to stand out and become a competitor to bird shows.

Around the world, hobbyist in fancy pigeon crossbreeding dates back thousands of years. Abroad, there are already events for fancy pigeon competition such as Annual Grand National Pigeon Show. Since this is a rising industry due to continued increase of fancy pigeon hobbyists, trying to raise fancy pigeon from hobby to business could certainly be good hobby as fancy pigeons are really awesome.

Business Potential of Fancy Pigeons

For the hobbyist and enthusiast, raising animals for shows can be a good pastime. Just like any other domesticated animals for shows, raising fancy pigeons is open to anyone regardless of status or gender. Former boxing champion Mike Tyson was a known celebrity to engage in fancy pigeons. Your friend could be engaged in raising fancy pigeons. Many people already own and raise fancy pigeons. The things is, not many people even know about fancy pigeons. They might only know pigeons, not fancy pigeons. Regardless, fancy pigeons are easy to raise, and can give potential for additional income to you.

Fancy Pigeon Buy and Sell

In the United States, fancy pigeon cost when sold range from as low as $5 and as expensive as $600,000 for one racing homer depending on the great trait and aesthetic factor. Fancy pigeon buy and sell groups can be easily reachable via the social media platform.

Among the Facebook groups devoted to Fancy Pigeons are:

Fancy Pigeon Pilipinas
Group of Pampanga” FPGP
Pangasinan Racing & Fancy Pigeon Buy and Sell

Fancy Pigeon Show Competition

You can also join competitions for Fancy pigeon shows. Most of these competitions has prizes, that you can earn by having the winning fancy pigeon traits.
1. General impression
Your fancy pigeon must also have an good posture (upright), and have a confident stance. Birds must be showing sturdy neck and a masculine head.
2. Head and eyes
The head must be appearing as broader toward the back of head. Eyes must be in the upper part of the skull and no abnormality is present in form.
3. Tail and Feathers
The birds is checked on its feather quality. Broken feathers and parasitic infestation can result in bad score or even automatic disqualification.
In order to win, fancy pigeons must be prepared before the show, and given fancy pigeon food pellets for good health.

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