As our article covers the advantages of and disadvantages of cyber cafes, we see the cyber cafes as a place we stay for few hours to get online. Cyber cafes or internet cafes are businesses providing service like internet, usually through a shop provided computer desktop. Others provide services like printing documents and photos with cost. Others provide coffee or snacks, which would make the name internet cafe a real cafe. Advantage of cyber cafe is very much agreeable, as the need for internet connection is growing to stay socially connected, to find work, to do work, to research, to watch tutorials, and a lot more of online activities. Advantage will be looked on user’s end, as we look for disadvantage as well. Disadvantage can be seen on few circumstance in the cyber cafe business, which will be enumerated.

Advantage of Cyber Cafe

1. You pay for what you use.

Cyber cafe or internet cafe are payed based on time used. Hence, you as user do not need to pay the monthly internet bill which could be a cost saver if you do not wish to have a home internet. Home internet comes with contract, and even if you do not use the internet at home, there is still a monthly bill. In a cyber cafe, your time logged on is just the amount you pay. Electricity included, internet included, your  “space” included. Some even provides webcam, or a headset with microphone. These webcam or headset could provide full internet experience. Gamers at cyber cafe also enjoys fast internet, depending of course on what the cyber cafe provides, which make internet fairly cheap being logged in to cyber cafe rather than keeping their own home internet.

2. Convinient

Users need computer to be online if they want to use computer for work, gaming, and home use that are simply cannot be done on WIFI connected smart phones, TVs, and PS4. A user would not need to buy PC parts, as for gamers that need to shell out huge sums of money to build fast and good desktop units for gaming. The shop would provide upgraded units for gamers or users. Also, these cyber cafes could be found at malls, on a conspicuous location in the neighbourhood, or near offices and schools. The convenience of printing and scanning service adds income to cyber cafe owners, but also gives options for a computer user if they do not have printer or scanner at home, or if they do not have computer at all.

3. Fast Internet

Since a cyber cafe is a business, the intent is to make their service give value to cyber cafe customers. That is where speed is the key. Speed of internet refers to how fast a user can stream a video, how fast they upload an attachment, how lagging the Skype session is. This important factor to cyber cafe users are shown on how gamers prefer better and faster internet cafe due to the recommended ping and speed of online multiplayer games. Others need low ping and fast speed, which could be costly if implemented at home. Home internet is sometimes unable to give the needed speed for some online computer applications and usage. In a nut shell, it is just plain advantage to go to a cyber cafe and play.

4. Social Place

Internet cafe are outdoor shops. They are outside our homes, and going there with friends can sometimes be a good thing. Cyber cafe are indeed a location where we meet as friends, play our favourite games, or just go to social media and share our views to other people. This is not provided at home internet, and Cyber cafe are a good place to hang out. Since some offer coffee, tea, or snacks, you may lounge around and relax.

Disadvantage of Cyber Cafe

1. Cost in long term

Being at cyber cafe might provide all the advantage stated above, but for others, long term use of internet shop services can be costly. If internet service is available in your neighborhod, having an internet access at home can be  cost saver since there are no overhead cost as a home internet user, as compared to cyber cafe that pay rent, hire staff, and maintain computers.

2. Multi-user access

A cyber cafe may have 5 to 10 users watching Youtube at 4K resolution. This may seem few users online, but the fact is, depending on the internet service provider and the subscription of the internet cyber cafe, the service might deteriorate if there is an over-utilization of the bandwidth among cyber cafe users. This computers are networked, and gets the internet from one ISP connection. There will be a noticeable delay perhaps during peak hours as experienced by internet cafe goers, and avoids so by going to internet shops during off-peak hours. Of course not all shops are like this, but others with limited internet plan would provide such multi-user problems.

3. Cyber cafe rules

As compared to being a home internet user, a cyber cafe might provide rules to moderate excessive use of the internet. Over-use, as explained on Disadvantage of Cyber cafe no. 2, may prompt the cyber cafe admins to prohibit downloading huge files, watching Youtube videos, opening many browser tabs (yes, this rule exist on some cyber cafe), etc. Although uploading files does not get noticed and regulated, most of an internet user activity is about download. User downloads a web page to browse. The browser streams (aka downloads) the video from Youtube or Daily motion for user to watch the videos. Opening attachment is an act of downloading. It might be practical to cyber cafe admin to have a strict policy, but such limitation lessens quality online experience of cyber cafe goers.

We looked at the advantages and disadvantages of cyber cafe, and since not all cyber cafe are the same, there can be a good mix and balance that still makes us look at cyber cafe as a convenient place to do online activities.

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