Creating shortcut links on desktop are norm since the early days of GUI’d Windows. We put shortcut links of programs and files for easy access. We just create shortcut to desktop, and we can easily access the files or programs quickly. The desktop is what we see when the computer was logged in. Win 10 provided many nice features and improvements as compared to other Windows version like 7 or 8. However, some taken for granted shortcuts are suddenly missing. Many of the user-friendly settings where replaced by a mobile version Settings. One of the said settings is Bluetooth file transfer.

Bluetooth file transfer enable uses to send or receive file. What a typical Win 10 settings will only show On/ Off option for bluetooth. How would you use a bluetooth after you turned it on? No choices is given from the window. Basically, you end up not being able to receive or send because of this change. Win 7 offers easy to navigate bluetooth file transfer option by even just searching in “Search for programs and files” in the start menu. Now, searching on Win 10 will not bring the Bluetooth file transfer window as a result.

To create a shortcut link for Bluetooth file transfer in Win 10, download the link provided. The link contains a zip file, extract the content and save it on the desktop. The Bluetooth file transfer shortcut will open the Bluetooth file transfer window. Feel free to check the link property, as the link only points to the hidden Bluetooth file transfer executable of Windows.

Download the Bluetooth file transfer shortcut zip here.

By Kyle

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