For a casual shopper, you might not experience having rude sales clerk around department store. When having a good day and you decide to go to mall, checking what good clothes or items to buy is the main agenda. There are times that going to the department store is just to escape the heat outside the store, but often we just want to check what items we need to buy. Going to the department store, we see sales clerks. Sales clerk are noteworthy for  being helpful and customer oriented. However we might encounter rude ones.
Sales clerk are around to ensure assistance to the customers in their respective section. They present their products, they smile, they are welcoming on their designated section. These uniformed clerks of the department store are watching customers as well to make sure items are not damaged or stolen (worst case). They also provide answer to shoppers questions.
This welcoming and helpful clerk might be the opposite for some clerks. On experience, some might act as rude and ignore the customers. Some might say out loud things like “the customer will not buy, but is asking a lot of questions”. Sometimes, their arrogant pitch annoys customers, forcing some to leave the premise while others are less tempered and confront the eering sales clerk.
To most customer’s perspective, having such situation prompt for the most calm reaction . That is, to not react. Reacting might mean that you are defensive on what the sales clerk say. While this behavior is a total irritant to a customer, some sales clerk make it their daily routing if they are not the ones that are experiencing problems in their lives or having a bad day without sale. Some are just rude, which begs the question why they land to a job of becoming a sales clerk.
As for the store, the irritated customer would buy the things that they are hesitant to buy before they hear the general commentary from the sales clerk. They would be affected somehow, buying things that they don’t really want to buy that day. This can be a reaction to the sales clerk. To show that as customer who could afford items, they buy the product. 
So what to do when you hear an arrogant sales clerk? Just don’t think about it. Don’t buy things you don’t wish to buy that time. You are in control of your own emotion. You definitely don’t need to show you can buy the item. As simple as not buying is your exit from becoming trapped by the rudeness of the sales clerk to sell their product.

By Kyle

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