As most people believe, food business do not lose attractiveness as food is a need. Food is what everybody buy everyday. If people can’t grow their own food, people would buy food from pulbic market, from fast food, or from streetside food cart. One of the hot business we see often is the roasted chicken business. We also see roasted pork belly or liempo sold. This mouth watering delicious meat products is a commonly not processed but comes from fresh slaughtered meat of pork or chicken roasted for few hours and sold to the masses.
These business is about selling cooked food for human consumption that fits on the table of every Filipinos, except for religious beliefs that do not allow pork meat consumption.
Roasted products of meat and chicken is selling at a good affordable price making it a good pay day treat for the family. For a price of Php 220-240 one can taste the roasted pork belly or liempo with gravy and sauce.
To start the business, one needs to have a reliable source of pork meat used or liempo. These are bought from meat stalls of public market. Chicken is also bought from these sections of the market. If you like to start your own stall and not as franchised business, you may proceed with building your roasting stall to a good area where buyers would know that you sell lechon manok or roasted chicken and liempo. Having a steady supply a charcoal is important if you don’t have roasting machine. You also need to create a selling product. For this case, a delicious and savory roasted chicken and liempo. Make sure the customers love your chicken and liempo. If you are confident enough to cook for others to sell and be successful in these business.

By Kyle

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