Philippines is a tiger economy in Asia, and shows consistent economic growth. As businesses strive to cover for the growing retail demands of the masses, brick and mortar store concept has naturally grown into a business model of selling online. The Advent of internet is not where advertising started. Newspaper spread classified ads that promotes product or service. The digital age made advertising easy as more people can be reached which are more potential buyer than the general population. Starting up a website to bring the products closer to people by search engine and web surfing has lead to success to others. Other faced issues along the way, as the technology will have a cost in maintenance, web-hosting, programming, and hiring staffs.
The solution that become available started from the introduction of e-commerce page. Lazada is calling itself the Asia’s biggest online shopping website. The description makes it appealing as the page is a huge collection of items from various Sellers and vendors that link to a big unified website where user can conviniently search they are looking. Instead of implementing individual websites per item, a vendor can become a dealer and Lazada earns by getting commission. 
The solution works, as the business partners and sellers of such e-commerce site can minimize cost to their business and eventually expand upon growth and popularity the online shopping platform provided them.
 No wonder other e-commerce page like Zalora, Olx, eBay, and Shopee become popular. For some reason, the doubt of buyers for placing orders online is decreasing. Who would want to give credit card or debit card information online? Before, this is a big no-no. However, the security and integrity of the online payment system of e-commerce sites lessens our worries that the card payment information will be misused. But now, other modes of payment was opened. One is making big effect to the online payment sentiment. COD is an old payment method. However, the use of COD or cash-on-delivery is now made available to the websites we mentioned , making the online ordering less.worrisome as we do not actually make payment until item gets delivered. 

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