Want DSLR? Probably hesitant to buy due to the cost of the gadget, DSLR price tend to have range. The Digital SLR or DSLR camera is a dedicated photography tool compared to smartphones, that is also used to apply manual photography techniques to create a visual art. It can also shoot HD videos. DSLRs are ideal for every personal photography to movie production lessons. It can be the best camera gear for celebrations like weddings, birthdays, nuptials; to business needs like professional photography and studios. The cheapest DSLR Stores in the Philippines are among the top places visited by pro to newbie, provided that they know where to buy the DSLR unit.


DSLR cameras are sold by gadget stores inside malls, on standalone shop, or online e-commerce websites. DSLRs may now be bought online and shipped to the buyer’s address either upon processing of a down-payment or by full payment. The cost of DSLR sometimes make COD or cash on delivery scheme difficult. Some credit card-based instalments are in practice by select stores.

To name few stores that offer good quality and original cameras, the reputation of the stores in the DSLR or camera business makes the Hidalgo street a prominent avenue of photographic tools and cameras. Hidalgo street is in Quiapo Manila which can be easily accessed by jeepneys all over Manila. Stores in the area include Mayer’s, Henry’s and others. However, there are also other stores offering cheap DSLR when on sale, which can be learned by going to every nearby stores.

Online shop also offers somewhat cheaper rates, as the cost of rental and staffing is less. Many buyers now avoid the heat of the sun going to the stores or being stuck at traffic en-route the shop. At the comfort of their home, the buyer of DSLR can order online and pay online. Delivery is expected and within few days, the package arrives. Some may take a swift delivery, however others might take more days to get delivered. One of the leading gadget stores is Kimstore. Kimstore is an e-commerce website at kimstore.com and is a leading gadget haven for enthusiast and techie. Kimstore gives competitive pricing. Some items are pre-sold, and needs a reservation and lead time before delivery or pick-up. Given the cheap rates you might get for DSLR here, others prefer to go to store. Peace of mind can be a cause, as the units must be covered by the warranty just in case malfunction due to factory defects arise. Physically testing the camera at store makes the experience enjoying, since one can get the “feel” of the DSLR before they actually make the purchase.

DSLR cameras are really cool stuff, and depending on the application can be an asset or investment one can have.

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