BIR Form No. 2305 Data Entry Module is a Microsoft Access database being distributed by the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR. The said bureau is reponsible for tax collection of the Philippine government. Forms defines what data is needed for the filling and the type of transaction being done with the bureau. Hence, to facilitate the effective filling and data entry, modules are released for the creation, and data entry of forms. One of which is the BIR Form no. 2305 or the Update of Exemption of Employees. Under the Republic Act 10754, or “An Act Expanding the Benefits and Privileges of Persons with Disability together with the implementation via Revenue Regulations 5-2017 has defined the second version of the BIR Form No. 2305 Data Entry Module which is now available for download via official website of the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Issues however may arise from the use of the module that can be resolved such as inability to open the database file .accdb or access database file. Issue and resolution will be covered in the next paragraphs.

Together with the 2305 Batch File Validation Module comprise the updates issued this year 2017 onward. The employer can download the programs/ data entry module to electronically manage an employee’s personal income tax exemptions. It is a tool designed for entry of information relevant for payroll tax filling. The Updated Exemption of Employees Data Entry Module and the 2305 Batch File Validation Module will be used for updating employees’ exemptions for declared dependents. When updating the employee‘s status to the generation of a waiver by a husband in relation to a claim of an additional exemption by the wife is done also with the module.

Corporate human resources, accounting, agencies, or individual tax payers might have issue opening the file since the version they have is version 1. Version 2 BIR Form No. 2305 Data Entry Module is available here. Clearly, the link shows the version 2 downloadable. Some issues arise while opening the old file on a different computer. Error message pop up like missing reference errors. Other behaviour of the program is software hang or the not responsive graphical user interface. This occurs when you try to access the database accdb file from other computer when trying to update the records or due to a previous computer fault. Since the the module for data entry is file based MS Access, others find it a challenge if they can open the file when the computer where the original access file resides changed.

One way to resolve the BIR Form No. 2305 Data Entry Module Issue is to create a backup of the database records by “Backup database” option when logged in to the module. This will generate the MS Excel based backup file that is ready for migrating to the version 2 of the BIR Form No. 2305 Data Entry Module. Open the version 2 .accdb BIR Form No. 2305 Data Entry Module and create an account. Also supply all required employer information. From there, select the backup file generated on the version 1 program and restore via “Restore Database” option. This will import the old encoded data to the version 2 module. Data is now retrieved for further encoding on new laptop or desktop where the version 2 BIR Form No. 2305 Data Entry Module accdb file is stored.

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