Air beds, as the name suggest is a bed filled with air. The air serves as the support for the body. Various sizes as offered by vendors like intex, coleman, insta-bed, and others. Benefits of getting air bed include getting comfortable sleep, better support, and other benefits we will cover. Air bed are also called blow-up bed. An electric air pump or manual compressor can be used. Air beds are inflatable mattress, which are mostly made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC. As an alternative, the are developed textile-reinforced urethane plastic or rubber air beds.

Air Beds are Affordable

Air beds are affordable given the material it is built from- air. Air is free, unlike foam, or metal springs, or other mattress materials. However, the real cost of the air bed goes to the the bed lining and air containment material. Since the material has to maintain air pressure when used over and over, a good material must keep the air in. Most manufacturers use PVC as the bed material.

Light and portable bed

The air bed is an inflatable mattress. The bed can be used by blowing in air. The un-inflated air bed is packed inside a small bag, and can be unfolded and inflated upon reaching a destination like during sleep-over with friends, an out-of-town visit, camping, or temporary bed use.

The size is small and hence portable. It is light and can be fitted inside luggage bag.

Depending on the User, the Air Bed is great to Sleep on

Bed preference varies and many people would say they felt good sleeping on an air bed. Air bed supports the body with air. The side sleeper will appreciate less pressure on hips and shoulders. Sleeping flat with your back is ok, and if the air bed is fully inflated should prevent curvature due to the concept of center of gravity in which the middle section of the bed sinks compared to outer part of bed. Some air beds auto inflate via builtin air pump. Others are just manually inflated for comfortable sleep.

Easy to Clean

Since the air bed is made of PVC and not materials getting dirt, it is indeed easy to clean. Replace bed sheet and you get clean bed.

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