Motors are everywhere. We see motorcycles popularity in the streets. Regardless of gender, motorcycling is finding its way to the masses of ages 18 to 40s. As part of LTO’s rules and the statutes of the country regarding motorcycle riding, a set of rules applies to helmets and its wearing. Motor helmet is being worn for safety of the rider. Helmet is the first line of defence to any physical object that might bump to the head. The toughness of the material for the helmet is considered better if it does not easily break or get damaged easily under normal use. We review the motorcycle  helmet in the Philippines to guide buyers of the good quality helmet.

Helmet is a protective gear. It was used in many applications like biking, motorcycling, and race driving. It protects the head which is has the vital organ of the body. Damage is being limited by the helmet’s design and structural integrity. The inside cushioning provides comfortable contact to the riders face, but also tight enough to provide maximum protection and shock absorption. The outside can be designed for aesthetics. The colours and helmet design gives better aesthetics to the wearer. It can come on various colours like yellow, black, red or white.

Some helmets have Camera installation option where a live camera or action cam can be mounted to have a reliable driver field vision camera recorder. Motorists put it on the helmet to document the trip they made with their motorcycle. Others use it as a recorder of traffic status and experience, which can be used as a basis for reviewing incidents while driving.

Popular brands of helmets include the following for review of users who already bought them.

Zeus helmet
HJC helmet
Spydey helmet
Shoei helmet
SOL helmet
Lev3 helmet
RXR helmet
LS2 helmet
Sec helmet
Bell helmet
HNJ helmet
MT helmet
Motor Craze helmet

Some helmets are unique in their own way. The predator helmet resembles the predator movie head. This head gear is designed to look closely to the predator. Although it cost more compared to the other usual helmet brands, the predator look is certainly an eye catching display.

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