The use of hair wax among men is daily routine. The wax is used externally and apply to the hair to maintain form, shape, and neatness. Hair wax offer various effects in terms of hardness of the resulting hair texture, a shiny effect, or soft to the touch. Hair wax surpassed the use of gel for hair. Hair gel are cheaper. However, most men prefer wax as a way of making the hair fix, rather than hair gel due to the sticky feel of gel. Wax for hair does the same effect as hair gel but is less greasy or sticky. The side effect of hair wax is not thoroughly studies as the matter is depending on the type of hair, and the amount of applied hair wax.

Hair cosmetics ensures good looking hair by applying styles to the hair. It is an aesthetic way of making the hair look better. The messy hair might cause bad looks. Hair wax aide in making the hair fixed and not messy. It maintains the shape and the style. However, there are instances that hair can be affected by hair wax.

Hair wax is applied to the hair. The hair can become greasy when a huge amount of wax is applied to the hair. When the hair becomes greasy and not cleaned, it can accumulate more dirt compared to un-waxed hair. The hair will need thorough cleaning by applying more shampoo and conditioner which will have impact on hair care product use. In terms of hair health, the poor hair cleaning habit may cause the hair follicles to clog, causing buildup of oil which will result to an oily hair. Poor hygiene may also result to bad hair smell.

Hair loss is not directly correlated to excessive use of hair wax. Some case are isolated where the hair loss increase due to hair wax application, due to sensitive reaction to the hair wax. Sometimes, the hair needs to hair product applied to it for some time. The hair receives damage every time it gets exposed to harsh conditions. Giving the hair some chance to recover by lessening the chemicals applied to it, the faster the fair may recover.

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