Globe introduced sets of cheaper plans for data rolled out in the first week of September 2017. It is a good news as the current prevailing price per Gigabyte of data between telecom companies in the Philippines is around Php 35.00. A subscriber would be paying that amount as prepaid load registered to the promos. Promos provide flexible options for subscribers to avail a specific Telco service or a combination of text, call, and data which gives better value. Promos have expiration. Globe has a new promo of 2Gb Cheap Data for 43 Pesos only. That is cheap, as compared to the old but still existing promo GOCOMBOIKEA35 which is 35 pesos for 1 Gb. 35 pesos x 2 = 70 which is more expensive than the 43 pesos 2 GB promo by a difference of 27 pesos. That is almost 39 percent cheaper if a subscriber registers for 2 Gigabyte if data.

The 2Gb promo we are referring to is GOTSCOMBOJYFBA43. Promo comes with unlimited Text to all networks, 2 Gb of mobile data and facebook access. As we mentioned, promos have expiration. The expiration for GOTSCOMBOJYFBA43 once registered is 24 hours. Yes, that is 1 day only validity before your 2Gb is expiring.

To register, send GOTSCOMBOJYFBA43 to 8080. That is it. You will get a notification:

“Congratulations! You have successfully created your own promo with keyword GOTSCOMBOJYFBA43 via Globe Prepaid GoSAKTO. Now, enjoy Unlimited Text to All Networks, 2Gb surfing, Facbook valid for 1 day/s. To check your balance or end your subscription, dial *143#. DTI-FTEB Permit no. 10485, Series of 2017. Valid until Sept 30. This promo is covered by Globe’s Fair Use Policy. Tran. No. “

Ways to Extend Expiry

  • GOTSCOMBODD70 send to 8080 – 7 days data expiry for Php70
  • GSURF99 – 30 days data expiry for 99 via tutorial

Update: no longer available

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