On our September series of loading trick and discount articles, we present another trick that can help save money when reloading. Reloading can be done in many ways, but there are few who choose to find better deals. These deals come and go, and it is important to bring that information to help telco users get the best value for their money.

This trick for getting 10% load rebate (or effectively discount) is made possible by GCash. To those not yet aware, Globe GCash is an global micro payment service which morphs a mobile phone into a virtual wallet. This gives the user a fast, secure and convenient money transfers tool at the speed and cost of a text message. Registration is easy, and is explained on GCash overview.

GCash can be used by Globe & TM users and will be able to enjoy the following services:

  1. Receive and send money to and from another Globe/TM mobile phone.
  2. Buy Prepaid load with an instant 10% rebate
  3. Transact by purchases at GCash partner establishments
  4. Bills payment, purchase games, make donations, and so on.
  5. Convenience of the said services anytime anywhere with texts.


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  4. What is GCash?

Earlier, GCash Load rebate ended in July. But as we start the “Ber” months, we get a good news that starting September 1 2017, the discounted load rebate for Globe and TM is back. Globe reloads must be done with GCAsh to avail the rebate and discount. Start your GCash registration now and fund the GCash. The Discounted Load Trick 10% Off Rebate Globe TM promo is good until September 30, 2017 only.

To buy load using GCash and get discounted load at 10% off rebate for Globe TM:

  1. Buy load using the GCash App
  2. Dial *143# and get your rebate instantly

Download the GCash App on the App Store or Google Play. Size is around 12Mb.

Install and follow the registration steps.

Source: GCash

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