Yahoo is a gmail and hotmail alternative and had been a leading email service in the past few years. Yahoo users experienced using as their email login. They might have also used yahoo account during the early days of Even if a lot of technology changed, Yahoo mail is still here to stay. We still use yahoo mail for some of our personal emails.

We sometimes send emails using our Outlook Email Client to Yahoo. Yahoo emails ends with and others have country suffix. Mail attachments can be received on user’s end but some may complain about yahoo mail attachments not working.

Yahoo mail attachments not working include the attachment that is unreadable due to missing extension name. Extension name tells Windows how to open the file. The programs that are the default ones open the file. Dot pdf are opened by PDF reader software. Excel sheet is opened with the extension ex. (dot)xlsx. The extension might be lost when sending via outlook email client which we will resolved on the following steps.

1. Go to Outlook> File
2. Click Options
3. Click Advance, then under Message Format check the 4th setting
4. Make sure to select Convert to Plain Text format or Convert to HTML format for option when sending Outlook Rich Text messages to Internet recipients.

This will force outlook to remove the (dot)DAT file with your intended attachment. The instruction is intended for MS Outlook 2013.

By Kyle

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