LTE SIM Globe Price

LTE offers faster internet speed for your mobile data. It is the latest mobile communication standard that is the most up-to date and secure. The name stand for Long-Term Evolution. This improvement over 3G increases the capacity and speed by use of different radio interface together with core network improvements which can  deliver 10 times faster download speed.

SIM cards are small cards inserted into phones to have an access to a mobile network. It is available in multi-cut version with nano-SIM, micro-SIM, and regular cut SIM. LTE SIM for Globe Telecom SIM is around 40 Pesos to 50 Pesos depending to the retailer.

LTE SIM for Existing 3G Globe Subscribers

Globe holders who bought there SIM card in years prior to LTE SIM have 3G SIMs. These SIMs are not LTE capable and needs to be changed to LTE SIM version. Since LTE SIMs are cheap, users can just switch to it to avail faster speed and enjoy benefits of LTE SIM. Unfortunately, the new SIM will not bear the same number as the old SIM unless applied at Globe.

Good news is that Globe Telecom provides free LTE SIM migration to 3G SIM holders. The SIM just needs to be active to enable this feature.

Occasionally, Globe sends SMS to it’s clients notifyng about the availability of free SIM upgrade.

The charge is zero. It is a free SMS migration and clients jsut need to go to Globe stores to avail.

You will then be advised to text UPGRADE to 8080 on your old SIM. Copy the replied upgrade code and it will be used on the upgrade SIM.

Connect the upgrade SIM to phone and activate.

You will be able to retain the old mobile number and the LTE feature of Globe will be available. LTE signal depends on location, check the list to see if the location is covered by LTE.

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