HTML Encode or encoding is the process of typing or entering the tags of the Hypertext Martkup Language or  HTML. HTML is a  text based language which are more human readable than machine language made up of binary characters. HTML encode was developed to ease the coding of the HTML elements which a human being can readily maintain by visual inspection of the tags and contents of the HTML document from any word processing document or even on legacy editors.

HTML 4 uses by default the character set defined in its meta tag as ISO-8859-1. ANSI or Windows-1252 was the first Windows character set that was used. It supports for 256 different character codes but inherently limited in terms of representing character sets used all over the word. It is standardizzed as ISO-8859-1 and was the default character set for HTML 4.

Now HTML 4 also supported UTF-8 for extended character set support. The default HTML encoding of  HTML 5 is UTF-8.

HTML Encode Tools

1. Notepad
Notepad is a word processing software that can be used to edit HTML documents and files with the extension .html. The tags will visually appear as is, which are strings of characters that are grouped by angled brackets. This can be used to encode HTML, but few actually used it for Rapid Application Development.

2. Notepad++
Notepad++ can be used for HTML encode, with added features compared to Notepad.exe.

3. HTML and Web Developer Sotfware
For professional editor and RAD specialists, the use of opensource or comemrcial Web Developer Software is a must for all the benefits of user assisted coding and error detection and correction.

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