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The Bureau of Internal Revenue or Kawanihan ng Rentas Internas (BIR) is an agency of Department of Finance of the Philippines responsible for the implementation of tax laws and collection of tax. The Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR has issued the Alphalist Data Entry System and Validation Module Version 5.1 as described under BIR Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 58-2015 posted September 17, 2015. The memorandum circular mandates the creation of Monthly Alphalist of Payees (MAP), Summary Alphalist of Withholding Tax (SAWT) and others for reporting as part of the compliance to BIR rules and regulations. BIR Alphalist can be created with the BIR’s very own Alphalist DAta Entry software which can be downloaded and installed to a Windows-running computer. We will discuss on how to use BIR Alphalist Data Entry program. As of 2017, the version being used is 5.1.

Download Alphalist Data Entry

BIR offers a link to download the BIR Alphalist Data Entry executable from their official BIR website under the download section. Thelatest version is the Alphalist Data Entry and Validation Module Version 5.1.exe which can be downloaded by clicking here.
Obtaining a copy of the program is easy. Just click the link above to download the Alphalist Data Entry & Validation Module Version 5.1. As of the writing, version 5.1 is the latest. If the download is not proceeding, contact your Information Technology department. The download of the program might be restricted and needs to be unblocked.

New eBIRForms Additions compared to version 5.0:

1. BIR Form No. 1707-A (Annual Capital Gains Tax Return for Onerous Transfer of Shares of Stock Not Traded Through the Local Stock Exchange) is included in the package and 37 returns are now available in eBIRForms;
2. BIR Form Nos. 1601E, 1702-MX and 2000 were enhanced; and 
3. Annual Income Tax Returns (BIR Form Nos. 1700, 1701, 1702-EX, 1702-MX & 1702-RT) can now be submitted online thru the eBIRForms System.
• All the 37 tax returns can be filed by clicking the “SUBMIT” or “FINAL COPY” button and the taxpayer will receive the corresponding confirmation thru email notification. 
The accounting department is responsible for preparing the documents, reports and other related BIR files for companies. Accountants and taxpayers can downloaded the free software from BIR as long as the computer that will be used is Windows XP OS or higher version. Mac OS and Linux is not yet supported. Follow through the steps below to proceed using the BIR Alphalist Data Entry.
1. Download the software
2. Install the software by following the installation wizard.
3. Run the eBIRForms Package Version 5.1 from the shortcut at the desktop which is usually created by default.
4. Complete the Profile page, select from the List of BIR Forms, then click “Fill up”. Accomplish the selected tax return by directly encoding data in it;
5. Click validate button after accomplishing the tax return. If there are changes to make, click Edit button. Make sure to validate after every change made;
6. Click Submit button to submit.
7. If successful, taxpayer will be redirected to eBIRForms Login page and shall enter his/her/its Username and Password.
8. If unsuccessful, click Final copy button to use an alternative mode of electronic submission and an email confirmation will be received by the taxpayer. Those who are not yet enrolled in the eBIRForms System are required to fully and unconditionally agree to the Terms of Service Agreement.
The old eBIRForms Package Version 5.0 may still be used for filling all other BIR forms not included in the modifications stated in this RMC No. 58-2015 which can only be accessed on the new version 5.1 of the software.

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