There are numerous Globe data promos and subscriptions created for Globe users that offers better value in terms of its price and the service being provided. Service include mobile data, metered number of calls per minute and fixed number of SMS or even unlimited text. Good thing that this tutorial offers free Globe Internet 1Gb Data that can be availed by following the steps in this article Globe Internet Free 1Gb Data Trick August 2017.

The following steps will provide a Globe Telecom prepaid 3G Sim holder a free mobile data of 1GB or Gigabyte. 1GB data can be used to watch Youtube videos, search online, do online shopping, check emails, see Facebook image post and videos, and a lot more.

The requirement to avail this 1 GB free mobile data from Globe is to have a 3G SIM that is prepaid. Globe offers free 1GB free data verified and working as of the writing August 12, 2017 and is expected to be working on the days ahead. The trick leverages on another free must-have service from Globe which is the Free LTE SIM upgrade. 3G sim are released during the days that LTE signal is not yet available. Due to the advancement of smartphone technology, the Telco giant in the Philippines – Globe Telecom, rolled out LTE carrier signal on select areas and have upgrading plans in place. It is always better to avail this free LTE SIM upgrade if your are still using 3G SIM since even how high-end the cellphone you are using, you will never get an LTE signal over a 3G SIM. Go to Globe Telecom Booth or Globe Telecom Customer Service at your nearest mall to proceed claiming your Free 1GB Globe Prepaid data.

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              Why buy LTE SIM, when you can Upgrade Your 3G SIM?

Steps for Globe Internet Free 1Gb Data Trick August 2017:

1. With 1 Valid ID, go to any Globe Customer Service near you. Check this link to find out the Location of Globe Stores.

2. Get counter number from Globe Representative, and state your request for Globe LTE Prepaid SIM upgrade (to get the Free 1Gb Mobile data).

3. Once called up, the Customer Service Representative will provide the LTE SIM Prepaid Upgrade. The content is a SIM card that you need to activate later.

4. With your old 3G SIM still on the phone, text UPGRADE to 8080. You will immediately get an activation code via text. Write it down or screenshoot. Code is valid for 15minutes.
5. Insert your LTE upgrade SIM card. After few minutes, the phone will prompt for an activation code entry. Enter the activation code.

6. Restart the phone. After restart, the old number of the 3G SIM is transfered to the new LTE SIM. You will retain your old number on the LTE SIM. Make sure to backup the contacts of the old SIM. The old 3G SIM will no longer register to the network.

7. You will receive a text informing you of the Free Globe Internet 1Gb Data if you follow correctly all steps in this August 2017 Trick Tutorial.

The free 1Gb data is valid for 3 days. No other keyword is needed to be sent to globe. It will be automatic. If you have GoSAKTO promo on, the free 1Gb data will be added to your data on the GoSAKTO subscription. If data is part of your GoSAKTO plan, the added 1Gb will also follow the expiration of your GoSAKTO subscription and will be more than 3 days if for example you just subscribed to a 30 day cheap Globe promo.

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