Google Chrome replace text command is not available in any version of this popular browser. The browser is a software that interprets the HTML code of a website for visual presentation and navigation aid for the user. It also includes client side scripting interpretation and CSS styling for the user interface of web applications.

By default, Google Chrome only provides Find option. The Find option will enable the user to search the browser page text for any match of input search text. It will match a specific text per search keyword on all text from the HTML version of the page downloaded by the browser. The limitation of replace often give difficulty to the encoding of text on some web applications. Bloggers would have issue in quickly replacing text that repeats multiple times on the page they are editing. Users would have to use a text editor and copy back the contents to the web application.

To add functionality of Replace function to Google Chrome browsers, users may opt for third party add-ons and extension to accomplish this.

Shown below is the list of Replace Text tools for Google Chrome:
1. Word Replacer II
2. Search and Replace

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