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Videoke is a  favorite pastime in the Philippines. It is an entertainment source for those who cannot afford live bands and singers that are hired to provide music to the crowd. Instead of hiring for a band for a birthday, wedding, fiesta, or a simple event can be made more enjoying with the videoke rental. Renting videoke is common in rural or urban areas of the Philippines. Video rental popularity is due to the enjoyment it provides. Filipinos loves singing and also loves listening to it over a videoke machine. Videoke machine are rented with the added feature of scoring. Once the song finishes playing and the singer stops, they see a score or rating of the song in the screen which makes videoke machine interactive. Users would then try to get a higher score by singing better. The videoke machine is rented by the masses, regardless of social class, and has been a source of livelihood to others that carry video rental business.

The Videoke Machine

A basic videoke machine consists of a television, videoke player, microphone inputs,external controllers for volume and song selection, and an audio output. Videoke machines are designed in an upright position. The top most part is a television set which rest on to of the wooden case. It is removable and and is usually supported by a 60 degrees rotatable flat wooden support. Nowadays, televisions became thinner and less cumbersome. Flatscreen televisions provide a light alternative if you plan on renting videoke.

Videoke machines can be bought with a completely setup wooden case and speakers. The speakers are usually 2 pairs of bass, midtone and tweeter speaker drivers. With this setup, it is referred as a 3-way system by utilizing the high, mid, and low speakers that operates at optimum frequency. These speakers can be mounted to the wooden case made of thick marine plywood. Having these type of plywood helps in making the sound quality better than other types of wood  material. The finishing is either by paint or with the elegant patterned design. Having a coin slot on a videoke is important, as the machine may be rented per song with a cost of Php 5.00 per song entry. You may let the client use the machine in this manner and have 5 peso coins ready if the client run out of coins. Most portable videoke systems can also be rented without the need of the Php 5.00. They just rent the videoke machine on a specific time frame usually 8 hours of use. Return may be exactly on that time-frame. If owner agrees, time of rent can be adjusted.

Videoke Rental Business

If you are starting with the videoke rental business, you need to know your budget for acquiring your preferred videoke models. Videoke rental relies on quality videoke components that are itnended to bring profit by rental of the equipment, but also considers maintenance costs. Maintenance cost can be high if the videoke renting is not properly managed. Proper management involves setting a limit to the time the videoke can be rented, observance of proper handling and carrying while being transported from owner’s location to the client, and also giving initial instructions to the user to avoid any technical difficulty or damage to the equipment.

Logistics of the videoke machine is important. Clients can be on the other baranggay. A tricycle can be an ideal low cost travel solution as it can be strapped tightly to avoid equipment falling during the transport. If you have a car, make sure the fuel consumption will still be covered by proper pricing of the rent.

Sourcing out the videoke machines can be very critical to business. Look for videoke machine with good built and design. A good looking machine is an asset. This captures the eyes of renters. If sound quality is good, then you may expect repeat rents. Renters can be quite picky on their videoke rents. Find a videoke machine with good audio output and reliable at long hours of use. Also, the business runs on providing comprehensive song offers by songlists. Have enough budget to be able to buy a model with 15,000 to 30,000 songs. Make sure to provide clients with a memorable experience and your videoke rental business will prosper.

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