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A printed T-shirt is a form of textile printing specifically on a T-shirt. It shows graphic designs, text with lettering or an image. Printing is done with textile printing.
T-shirts are common and universal in terms of clothing. It has no specific gender style and generally unisex which is basically a shirt in T shape with body and sleeves. Because T-shirts are cheap and inexpensive, the fabric is mostly made of cotton fabric, and are easy to clean. White T-shirts are commonly used as an undergarment, while the colored t-shirts can be plain colored or printed.
T-shirt printing is an art of transferring design to a t-shirt. It can also be turned into business due to cheapness of the t-shirt as a clothing and it’s unisex properties. In the Philippines, people of various age and gender wear t-shirts. This brings opportunity to the business minded to explore and understand the profitability of T-shirt Printing business packages in the Philippines.

T-shirt Printing Business Package Philippines

T-shirt printing can be achieved by silk-screen t-shirt printing or by digital printing.
Silk screen printing is a printing technique whereby a silk mesh is used to transfer ink onto a T-shirt, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. A squeegee or blade is pressed and moved across the silk screen to fill the open mesh apertures with ink. The reverse stroke of the squeegee then causes the screen to touch the T-shirt momentarily upon contact. This causes the ink to wet the T-shirt for the design to appear. This is generally advisable to mass T-shirt printing to recover the cost of silk screen material. Usually, a minimum T-shirt print order is set by the T-shirt printing business.
T-shirt digital printing is a printing technology that allows clients and printing staff to customize t-shirts in low quantities, even one at a time, with no constraints on the artwork design to be used. Unlike the silk-screen method which needs bulk print orders to be profitable, digital T-shirt printing can print a color photograph on one T-shirt at a reasonable price. The common method of digital T-shirt printing involves the use of a giant Inkjet printer like Epson L120. This process is ideal for small orders and are the most popular T-shirt printing business found in malls, and stalls. Light transfer paper are fit into the LaserJet to get a printed mirror image of the design. Knowledge of graphic manipulation software is essential like Adobe Photoshop. Designs need to be edited are typically text, and some resizing. The design is transferred to the T-shirt by heat presses that normally range 10-13 seconds for the complete transfer of the design. Source for the quality equipment and materials.

Applications of Printed T-shirts

  1. Tourist T-shirt – a T-shirt can be used with printed text and images to show that a person went to a certain tourist spot. It can be used as a souvenir and sold in souvenir stores. Souvenir stores can become big clients, as the printing can be outsource to your T-shirt printing business in bulk.
  2. Concert T-shirt- concert T-shirts are souvenir items to show the name and description of the concert event a buyer had attended. Concert organizers sells T-shirts to interested audience that want to keep a remembrance of the concert. Organizers can hire your T-shirt printing services for their needs.
  3. Course T-shirt- these shirts are often wore as uniform or student organization official T-shirts. However, there are also possible student costumers wanting similar course T-shirt prints for their small group of friends, classmates, or subject grouping.
  4. Merchandise T-shirt- mass-production of great design shirts as merchandise. The quality and uniqueness of the design is generally higher priced than common designs. 
  5. Art T-shirt- custom shirts as an expression of art and can be printed by a T-shirt printing business for clients requests. Designs are often provided by the client.

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