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After going through the setup of the HP scanner, you tried scanning but the HP scanner is not working. You will get an error message below as of 2017, which looks like the one screenshot below:

This is a dreadful error message to be seen by a non-techie person. It is as if the scanner is broken and could not be fixed. The user will then close this error message box and complain to HP.

Error Message

Scanner not Working HP
Scanner not working. Shows error on HP scanner
HP will then make the user run through all the troubleshooting steps they have. These gives the user more wasted time waiting for the agent from customer service.
The answer for a quick troubleshooting guide when the HP scanner is not working is already there on the screen. Yes, that right if you think that the error message provides the description of the issue you experience with your scanner. You cannot print on the scanner. From the message box, you will get the following first paragraph:
“Scanner communication  cannot be established. Ensure your product is powered on, check the connection, and ensure your network is functioning properly. If these conditions are correct, restart the product and try scanning again.”

Scanner Not Working – HP Troubleshooting

Basically, this is the first line of troubleshooting. It provides the user with steps to initially diagnose the issue if it just basic cause.
First try to check the power of the device. Make sure the device is not off or is receiving enough power. The power cable must be tightly attache. The power must connect to the wall outlet and not to a UPS or Uninterrupted power supply. UPS can have under-rated power when the scanner begins its scanning which consumes high power or peak power intake. Scanner has mechanical parts, which is generally consuming power than at standby mode.
Restart the scanner if not yet restarted. Sometimes, restarting the device clears any problems. It is same with issue with laptops, cellphones and modem. Restarting the device is a good initial step to resolving consumer electronic device issues.
If the suggestions did not help and the scanner is still not working, follow the next line as shown on the error:
If you are i installed using a cable connection (USB or Ethernet), ensure both ends of the cable are secure.

The cable transmits the data and device command to the printer from computer. Securing cables and changing loose cables can solve HP scanner problems. Often overlooked, identifying loose cables can save you time when you go through advance troubleshooting. When we put the scanner away from the computer, the USB cable might not be enough and we buy extension cable for the USB. Extension cables are USB male to female and are used to connect the scanner to the computer by increasing the distance and reach of cable. We buy USB extension since there is a short USB cable in the package or if we want to save money. This is not a good idea. For reliable connection, use straight long USB cables. Do not use extension. You might be able to print on the 3-in-1 scanner printer, but scanning issue happen when the USB cable is extended.
Firewall and antivirus might also affect scanning and make scanner not working on your HP. Try to disable firewall or AV temporarily to see if it caused the scanning issue. If yes, check the port of the printer and add exception. Antivirus support can also include references in doing the exception of scanner to the the AV setting.

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