Nata de Coco

Nata de Coco is a solid jelly-like substance characterized by translucent appearance and chewy texture. It is produced in the Philippines in 1970s on a research in preservation of coconut water. Now the product was exported to neighboring countries and also to some markets all over the world. Truly, Philippine Nata de Coco is a quality product and demand for it continues to grow. The ferminatation of the coconut water is aided by Acetobacter xylinum which provides the culture characteristics of microbial cellulose. Now, Indonesia, and Malaysia also process nata de coco along with pioneer country Philippines in terms of exports, and was primarily used for desert ingredients or as sweetened candy. It’s wide application also found its way into high end products like ice cream, drinks, and fruit cocktails. The advantage of Nata de coco versus traditional sweets ingredient is that it has high dietary fiber content and low caloric content. The health consious can easily take mildly sweetened Nata as a crave food but will not hurt the diet for low caloric food intake.

Nata de Coco Recipes


1. Prepare the ingredients for the Nata de Coco Halo Halo: 5-6 tablespoons halo-halo indridients like macapuno (shredded processed young coconut meat), sweet beans, kaong or palm nuts, sago or gulaman, and 1 tablespoons Nata de coco. Half can evaporated milk (small) would be enough, and crushed ice for the halo-halo.
2. First, place the mixture of halo-halo sweets component at the buttom of the plastic Halo-Halo serving cup.
3. Put the Nata de coco into the mix.
4. Put crushed ice to the top of the serving cup. If no crushed ice is avaialble, ice shaver can be used to collect crushed ice.
5. Put ube on top of the serving cup, and pour with enough evaporated milk for added creaminess.
Fruit Salad
1. Again, prepare the ingredients for the Fruit Salad with Nata de coco like Fruit cocktail, Fruit cocktail can be assorted fruits 836 grams. Young cocunut meat shreds can be prepared by scooping the coconut meat with tools. Coconut or buko component will added texture into the fruit salad.
2. Mix the ingredients in a big bowl. Pour sago as well and the condensed milk.
3. Mix the Nata de Coco and gulaman into the salad bowl.
4. Refrigerate for 3-5 hours.
4. Serve and enjoy.

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