What is Acer Liquid Leap Active?

The Acer Liquid Leap is an modern wrist wearable. It is basically a smart watch with advanced functions thus “leap” being the model for Acer’s smart watch market, to be best tried by fitness enthusiast, on-the-go individuals who need instant updates from their phone, and music lovers.

Features of Acer Liquid Leap Active

Acer Liquid Leap can sustain immersion to water at a maximum depth of one meter for 30 minutes. Its water resistant design makes it ideal for outdoor fitness routine as the device can sustain moisture contact from use.

Update: You can now buy Acer Liquid Leap Active for at Lazada

The wrist gadget will show notifications from the android or iPhone smartphone to the device’s display. This will notify the user about social notifications while on the go. Not only that it includes capability for social app notification, it can also send alerts about inbound calls. It can also display upcoming calendar events which maximizes its portability to show it’s users the events and notification at the soonest time, just like how a watch shows time.

You can control your music playback and other music functions from your wrist. This devices via wireless connection to your phone and you can change or play songs with this device without touching your phone.

It also includes fitness monitoring function. One nifty feature of this gadget allows counting of steps you made while wearing it. Distance and calorie burn can be computed by this device as well. It can even show how active you are today and monitor your sleep time.

All of this is usable with the device still on for a long time thanks to a good battery. A fullcharge can last about a week in terms of battery life.


Music play functions are currently compatible with Apple iPhone and iPad iOS7 OS above. For Android, Android 4.4 Kitkat and above are compatible. Compatibility to mobile device is the same to music play function compatibility description but also includes Phone 8.1 for compatible device.


Asianic Inc. price shows ₱ 2,490 apiece. Shopee.ph shows price at ₱ 2,500 with free shipment within Metro Manila. It now sells at Lazada for ₱ 2,388.00 and available here.

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