HP Scanner

Hewlett-Packard very popular with their printer. Their printers are labelled Deskjet as a branding for their successful and high quality printers. Since printers shrunk in size over the years, designers were able to incorporate scanners into 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 devices. 3-in-1 refers to a combined printer, fax and scanner functionality.

HP scanners can be found with the HP equipment and can either have a platen glass for single and manual page scans, or documents feeders. Document feeders provide fast and auto-feed scanning for multi-page documents. These advance devices can utilize the USB interface connection to the computer or can be accessed via a dedicated LAN interface.

USB connected scanners are accessible via local computer only. Scanners like these can be accessed for scanning only on the PC connected to the scanner. Compared to printing that can be shared to others by printer sharing over internet via USB interface, scanner share will be possible with scanners with dedicated LAN interface.

HP Scanner Setup

In order to use the scanner, a scanner program is installed on the computer which scans the network for the specific scanner on that scanner software compatibility. This is provided by HP on their support website. It is bundled to the printer driver installer. The scanner software allows the computer to setup the ports and communication with the scanner. Scanning is done with the created scanner shortcut on the desktop. Clicking the scanner shortcut will open the scanner. Scanning can be selected by feeder or platen depending on printer model. File formats can be selected by users choice. Resolution can be selected to allow users to get the quality of scan they need. Larger the resolution, the larger the file size.

However, there are times that the computer wont be able to scan. Scanning issues can be caused by may problems. This resource provides the guide to fix HP scanner issues.

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