Siopao is a Hokkien (dialect) term for Chinese( language) baozi. It is being served among Filipino-Chinese but is also enjoyed by Filipinos as a delicious and dainty food snack. Before, siopao is only available at Chinese restaurants and sidewalks of major community with Filipino-chinese businesses. Siopao was more rare at rural municipalities as being sold on a daily basis. Siopao at barrios are often sold when there are town fiesta or events. It is surprising that the lack of siopao sellers and a Filipino appetite for more led to fast foods started selling these snacks. Convenient stores also offers siopao with various choice variants like asado and bola-bola.

How to  Make Siopao

Siopao are stemmed buns. The filling or stuffing that can be used are cooked with seasoning and are made of meaty ingredients like pork, beef, chicken, prawn or salted egg. Some bakeries started incorporating the idea of siopao to their baked breads, thus toasted siopao came into business boom. Regular siopao is still popular in its own right, and it’s recipe haven’t change so much which makes Siopao preparation presented on this article.

How to  Make Siopao

1. Prepare ingredients for the siopao: 850 grams all-purpose flour, 1 tablespoon sugar and 85g sugar, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 pouch dry yeast, 3 tablespoon vegetable oil.
2. With a bowl enough to mix these ingredients, pour and mix a cup of luke-warm water, sugar and yeast (leave for 5 minutes for yeast to activate). 
3. Mix flour, the 85 grams sugar and the baking powder. Pour in the liquid mixture prepared in step 2 to the solid ingredients to form the dough.
4. Form the dough after kneading the dough. Flatten each dough into 3.5 x 3.5 square. Place the asado meaty filling in spoonful and pinch to seal the siopao. Leave dough for another 8 minutes for yeast.

5. Wax papers needs to be added at the bottom of each bun to avoid the dough sticking to the tray. Place the buns in the steamer. In 15 minutes, the siopao will be cooked and ready.

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