Making Homemade French Fries

French fries is a dish of elongated pieces of potatoes that are fried to crisp. It is a popular snack or lunch or dinner sides in western country’s like in the United States, and England. Potatoes are intensively grown in this countries driven by high demand for potato based products. Exporters of quality potatoes from these countries account for the supply of potatoes and processed products to other countries.

French fries is made of potatoes. Philippines also use potatoes for other needs like an ingredient to nilaga or pork stew, bulalo or beef stew, and chapsuy or mixed highland veggies. The growth of Philippine import from U.S. have grown steadily with 5,289 metric tons, which amounts to $2.843 million in the year 2012. Frozen potato products to the Philippines were $38 million in the same year mostly for fresh chipping potatoes.

One can buy french fries at supermarkets and hypermarket, however anyone can prepare their own homemade french fries with the following steps.

How to Make French Fries?

1. Prepare ingredients for the homemade french fries: 10 large potatoes, 6 cups cooking oil, and salt.
2. Prepared by first peeling and cutting the potato into even strips. You can use knife or peeler depending on your preference. The important thing is to produce evenly sliced potatoes in elongated form preferably not exceeding 0.5 inches in width.
3. Soaked in cold water to dissolve surface starch

4. Thoroughly dry until color change to light brown
5. Deep fry the non-frozen potato slices for 6 minutes. A good indication when it is cooked is if the french fries color turned golden brown.

6. Drain oil from potatoes by removing it from the fryer. Leave it for 6 minutes to cool.
7.  Chefs generally do two-bath technique, hence return the french fries back to the hot fryer for another 2 minutes.

8. Serve with salt if preferred.

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