Burong Isda

Burong Isda is a fermented rice fish mixture. Burong isda is produced as a way of preservation of food. Other food products that are pickled or buro are shrimp, rice, vegetables like mustasa and fruits like burong mangga. Burong isda is a popular traditional food in central Luzon. It is usually prepared using freshwater fish that are very abundant from the fishpond and fish cages setup in the area. The central Luzon plain is top producing region in terms of freshwater fish . During fermentation the flesh of the fish will turn very soft. The hard bones of the fish will have the spongy texture.

Burong isda is prepared either as the main dish or an appetizer for a meal. The article will include the process of how to make burng isda to cover the steps in handling of the raw fish to turn into a buro. Burong isda is best served as sauteed to oil, onion, and garlic.

Health Benefit of Burong Isda

According to a DOST (Department of Science and Technology – Philippines) article, eating burong isda has a certain health benifit. National Research Council of the Philippines members and food microbiologists Dr. Francisco Elegado and Ana Opina identified the peptides present of the eighty-six(86) fermented foods being processed and consumed in South and Central  Luzon. Protein-rich peptides are responsible for the growth of the body. It is a nutritious component found in burong isda that is a vital need in the maintenance and repair of all body organs. The research team of NRCP has found these peptide in burong isda,  balao balao, bagoong or fish paste, and longanisa.

How to Make Burong Isda?

We present the method used in traditionally making burong isda.
1. Prepare the ingredients for the burong isda: freshwater fish like tilapia, dalag, hito, or bangus; cooked rice; and salt. Remove the fish’s scale and remove the gills and abdomen of the fish. Clean the fish with running water.
2. Rub the fish flesh with salt. Put enough salt to cover the outer layer. Set it aside at room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes.
3. With an already cooked white rice, mix 3 parts rice to 2 parts fish ratio. Rice will need to be mixed with the fish.
4. Place the mixture to the jar carefully. Leave some allowance between the rice and fish layer and the lead to prevent contamination.
5. Store the burong isda jar in a cold and dry place like refrigerator. Don’t put in freezer to allow fermentation to progress. Fermentation is important to bring the taste of the burong isda. You may serve the buro after 15 days.

Burong isda is easy to make. Serve the burong isda as the main dish or an appetizer. It is best served as sauteed to oil, onion, and garlic. Eat and enjoy the health benefits of the burong isda.

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