What is Youtube?

Youtube is the most popular video sharing website in the internet. Users can view videos from anyone around the planet. The total number of users who watch YouTube is 1.3 billion. 12.5 days worth of videos of video are uploaded to YouTube per minute. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube per day. That’s how popular Youtube is.

Why you want a free Youtube Video Downloader?

We don’t endorse downloading Youtube to video. Please obtain copy of the video by not violating intellectual property code. Watching a Youtube video can be done online with any network connected device. Android, IPhone, or windows phone have Youtube adds that can stream videos online. These developments in making youtube accessible to various platform is a result of global popularity of this video sharing website.

Statistics from Alexa.com shows that Youtube is no. 2 in rank for the most popular website in US and the world.Google actually purchased Youtube in 2006 and Google is the no. 1 top tp ranking website in the world and in US.

How do you watch Youtube? Is it at the mall, at your favorite coffee shop? At school WIFI? at Work? Anyways, many companies block access to WIFI. Some public WIFI hotspot limit the time of WIFI access. That puts limit to your watching of Youtube. Watching data over mobile phone data is expensive as the internet connection is metered and everybody knows how much data a 30 minute Youtube video will consume.

The app for Youtube in mobile devices allows saving offline copy of the videos. However, this could not be transferred to other devices for sharing purposes. Since the phone memory is limited to few gigabytes of data, what we can do is to really download the video as a file and save it somewhere like to a USB drive or to a portable HDD. You want free Youtube Video Downloader depending on your preference. But most of the time, we want free.

Free Youtube Video Downloader Reviewed

There are free Youtube Video Downloader you can access online. In order to download video from Youtube, you may opt for a software downloader or online downloader tools. We will reviewed some online Youtube downloaders to see which is better. Software downloader tools are client programs downloaded and installed to a device that will do the downloading of the videos. Hence, the software for the download might be free but has limited capability or you just need to pay for a license to have the full capabilities of the software. some software provides needed functions to downloaded the videos and can be used without buying the license.

Alternatively, the online version is the fastest way you could download video from Youtube. The Youtube video link is pasted to these websites and you cans elect a wide range of file format options for your download. Such options also include selection of video resolution or quality. High quality in range of 720p, 1080p, or 4K are generally best quality but has big file size when downloaded. You can select which video type you want to save giving you option to save your videos based on your speed of internet, and the available storage space you have. My favorite and personal recommendation that I have been using since 4 years is Keepvid.com. The interface is simple and they do offer fast downloading. Unlike other sites that prompts users to enter their email and that they will receive the file, is a big hoax. This fake Youtube downloader online sites are not really sending the like but just takes your email for their personal use. However, Keepvid.com is the best website to download your videos. No limit. Fast download. Less ads.

We watch videos that are in playlist. These feature of Youtube is compiled videos that are arrange for sequential viewing. Sometimes we want to download the complete playlist to avoid the hassle of individually copying the link and pasting it to the Youtube downloader. I use Youtubemultidownloader.com/playlist.html and this is a working playlist downloader for Youtube. Just copy the playlist link and your videos can be processed for downloading.

Download Youtube Mp3

You can also download Youtube video as Mp3. Mp3 are popular music file format that can be played on various devices like mp3 speaker, car music player, computers, tablet, and mobile phone. Go to www.clipconverter.cc and select mp3 as the output format.

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