Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate Crinkles or choco crinkles are soft chocolate cookies with crunchy outer crust covered with sugar confectionery. These are baked goodies for any occasions and can be given as gifts or be sold for business. Chocolate crinkles has a relatively low moisture content than other bread, hence can be packed in plastic packaging or in custom plastic jars for added branding and stored. It can be bought at some bakeries, and pasalubong food shops.

Chocolate crinkles has the reputation of being a perfect snack. The crinkles are made of chocolate that is why it is popular to kids and young at heart. it is typically rounded and bite sized. It resembles the color of white in the outer due to powdered fine sugar. Beneath is the dark brown color due to chocolate.

Chocolate Crinkles Recipe Filipino Style

1, Prepare the ingredients for the chocolate crinkles recipe- Filipno style: 100g cocoa powder, 1/3 kilo sugar, 1/4 kilo flour and 4 pieces of eggs.
2. Have a bowl suitable for mixing the flour. Melt the cocoa, white sugar and 2 tablespoon full oil. Add the eggs and flour. Baking powder is needed for baking at 1 tablespoon. Add salt and vanilla for added aroma.
3. Arrange by 2.5 cm diameter in sheets of parchment paper. Cover the cookies with thin confectionery sugar. Bake in preheated 177 degree C oven for 11 minutes. Check based on moister content from the ingredients specified as the crinkles over-baked when left unchecked.
4. Pack whenever ready.

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