Burong Mangga

Burong mangga or Pickled raw mangoes, are a favorite Filipino food. Due to the abundance of mangoes in the Philippines, the sour but yummy taste of mango makes it a favorite snack. However, mangoes are known to be seasonal fruit tree and only have plenty supply of fruits on April, May and June. Sometimes the tree produces fruits at later months but are few.

In lieu of the mango fruit season, pickling mangoes has been a practice to have a stockpile of tasty raw mangoes preserved but not dried. Drying mangoes applies to ripe mangoes. IF you want to have the preserved juicy mangoes, prepare a pickled or burong mangga.

Burong Mangga Recipe

1. Prepare the green mangoes. Any mango variety can be pickled. Choose based on available jar size.
2. Clean the mango fruit by washing it. Peel the skin off the mangoes. The peelings are needed in the pickling process.
3. Boil 5 cups of water together with the mixed 4 tablespoon of table salt, and 2 table spoon sugar.
4. After 6 minutes, cool the solution and place on a big jar with lid. Boiling was a preparation in pickling process.
5. With the jar and brine solution, put the sliced mangoes without the seed into the jar. For easier slicing, cut the fruit flesh on flat side of mango. This makes the removal of seed easy. Chop in elongated vertical manner. Simply put the mango slices into the jar and cover with lid.
6. Serve after few days when ready to be eaten.
The mangoes retain the distinct sour taste and juice, due to hydrated pickling preservation technique. You mangoes can be eaten as is, with fish sauce, vinegar, and salt. It can also be served with dishes as a side-dish. 

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