Baby Kai lan

Kai Lan is a thick stemmed leafy vegetable known for edible thick and green or bluish green leaves. The vegetable goes by many names like Gai Lan, Chinese Broccoli and China Kale. Kai Lan is cooked in stir fry chinese dish and offers a unique mix of mild bitter taste and fibrous cooked leaves with texture when not cooked enough. Kai Lan is being used at countries that are primary Chinese speakers like mainland China, Singapore, Hongkong, and Taiwan.

Kai Lan or Brassica oleracea belongs to plant group alboglabra from the word albus or white and glabrus or no hair. The mild bitter taste is similar to brocolli and also offers rich unique flavors that made it a staple vegetable ingredient in Chinese cuisine.

Stir Fired baby Kai Lan

1. Prepare ingredients for the baby Kai Lan stir fry: Baby kai lan or young kai lan produce,
2. Wash half kilo of baby Kai lan leaves and stem and cut according to desired size preferably 3 inch long.
3. Saute garlic and onion on a ready hot cooing oil in a wide pan.
4. Stir fry involves stiring, hence mix the small-sized chopped pork into the pan.
5. Pour some 2 table spoon oyster sauce to the pan.
5. Add salt and pepper to taste.
6. Add the baby Kai Lan and remove flame when the vegetable is soft.
7. Serve and enjoy for 5 servings

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