A blog came from the word weblog. Post appear as log of the webmaster when they create new ones hence referred as blog later on. Blogs are websites consisting of post shown in reverse chronological order in which latest added post are first shown in the arrangement. Blogs are developed using either free platforms for blogging like blogger.com or wordpress or can be manually programmed using html, css, javascript, php, cms and other nifty tools to publish a full-fledged blog.

In the composition of the posts, the webmaster -which is the writer, editor and the uploader of the blog often rely on their language and writing skills to produce a high quality blog. Some busy webmasters although would outsource the writing of the blog contents from knowledgeable and qualified writers which are capable of delivering excellent posts.

The advantage of blogging is not limited to improving writing proficiency and language skills, but also include learning the concepts of the web programming. Web is the foundation in which the blogs are published and in order to deliver premium content, one must explore ways of improving the visuals of the page, adding responsiveness to the page with scripts, optimization, streamlining of contents, and even search engine optimization.

Blogging sites like blogger.com gives writers rich set of tools to customize their content. The blogger merely just encode in their composition page. Encoding is still far from finishing a high traffic website. Some work is needed to be done. The template editor is actually HTML which is behind the actual post editor. Tweaking the template HTML requires studying of HTML to apply the needed output for the blog. A student or perhaps a non-techie individual will be able to learn how HTML works by modifying the template by hand. As the saying goes, experience is the biggest teacher. Consider it as an exercise to your coding skills. Adding javascript also requires knowledge about scripting language. Relying from the scripts online without understanding the function of the code can be very hard, since not all scripts online are free of error or secure. In the end, you are forced to study web programming by going through blogging, which is a good thing. It is just one of the benefits of having a blog. Monetizing a blog is also one of the goals. You can visit the article found here to apply to Adsense.

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