What are MicroSD Cards?

SD cards, commonly sold as microSD are used to extend the internal storage of a device. Devices using SD cards can be digital cameras, portable music players, IP cams, netbooks, tablets, and of course – android phones. Back to the early days of microSD, with much limited storage at a high price, nowadays we can buy 32Gb for PhP700.00. Almost any sidewalk vendor selling gadgets, also offers microSD of various capacities. The question is, does these products created equal in terms of performance and durability?

To answer this question, some of us might already experienced having faulty SD cards. Some might also complain slow phone and hanging issues. It is due to this issues that we need to seriously consider buying quality microSD cards.

SD Card Classification and Speed

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MicroSD cards are categorized in terms of Class. Class determines the minimum read and write speed of a particular microSD card. The higher the Class, the better in terms of read and write performance. How does this affect the phone performance? The faster the phone is able to write to a storage microSD, the better as for video recording, taking selfies, recording voice, copying file from your laptop or via ShareIt app. Better read speed is preferred when watching movies and videos from the card, opening games, and listening to music. Eliminating the bottleneck by eliminating slow hardware component is desirable as we continuously seek faster and responsive phone.

Final Notes

Buying cards from popular brands also minimize risk of poor quality of product bought. Saving small amount for a substandard card is not beneficial as it only doubles cost than investing on a good brand. We cant say what type of quality control happens in a non-popular brand factory of microSDs, but we can see certifications and quality check from branded microSD cards, which is printed on the product label. With the points enumerated above, buying at least Class10 microSD from product leaders would keep away data corruption and should be fast enough for your external phone storage needs.

You can also select the card found at Lazada which is a Class 10 SDHC 16Gb memory card at only ₱ 427.70.

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