is the URL shortener service of Google.

URL shorteners, by the name itself, shortens any URL. URL stands for Universal Resource locator and is the address of a webpage that is unique in the world wide web. Shorteners create URLs from existing URLs provided by the requester and will get a shortened version of their URL. and other shorteners like, bitly,,, etc., are among the  popular URL shorteners out there you can use.

Why Use URL shorteners?

Not all people use them. Users can use them to shorten their links for various reasons.

1. Shorter URLs for character limiting posts
Just how long a URL link is? There are rare natural URL with short character count. For example, the URL has 72 characters. Sharing these links to twitter limits the text content you can type for the actual post if you include a long URL. Using, the 72 character long becomes which have 21 characters.

2. Hiding the URL readable text
URLs can be seen and an idea about the webpage it points to can be seen on the URL readable text. Part of the URL can convey information on the topic the webpage have and could discourage following the hyperlink. Few sites have gibberish URLs unless if they are encrypted query strings. Using URL shortener can ease the hiding of URL readable text.

3. Analytics
Want to track the number of clicks of a shared link? Use analytics with After submitting page to, you can see the history of shortened URLs. On the right column you will see the click count of the URL you submitted. If you need to check the number of clickers of your shared shortened link, you can use a URL shortener.

With the reasons stated above, you can start using Goo,gl shortener by visiting

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