The story started with the Pharaoh daughter, Ahmanet is the only heir to the throne and destined to be worshiped as a living God. But one day, to her surprise was that her father’s wife had a new born son which torn her ambitions. Frustrated, she made a pact with the God of Death. Interrupted from completing the reanimation of God of Death, she was mummified alive.
Awaken and unleashed, her malevolence to complete the ritual turned Nick Morton as the human sacrifice, who is an army officer conducting black market artifacts agenda in Iraq. On his struggle to break away from the curse, he accepted his destiny and became a reanimated being with the powers of death over living.

Part of the storyline just does not fit as the dagger of Ahmanet can be destroyed, which the ancient Egyptians did not bothered to destroy, thus end of story? Also, why do you need to build a statue to a prison that is supposed to hold Ahmanet. Why didn’t the ancient Egyptians bury the sarcophagus deep to the ground and destroying all records of the burial like Genghis Khan right. The ending part is also unclear. Where is Nick and the revived dead Chris Vail supposed to go with their horse ride.

Tom Cruise is the actor behind Nick Morton which is how the usual Tom would be characterized with other films – adventurous and charismatic. Ahmanet is portrayed by Sofia Boutella. Together with other cast, the story became exciting to watch. Story line is good and Universal Pictures presented good visual effects. A good movie to watch and to expect trilogies as Universal Pictures tagged the film under the Dark Universe.

By Kyle

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