Printing involves physical printers where the documents come out with the printed content. But sometimes, we need to save a certain document either for the purpose of printing at a later time, sending a softcopy PDF from text editing software, or for paperless archiving of documents.

PDF is a document of choice in many organizations in terms of exchanging document. It is a format that is lightweight due to its relatively small size compared to other document file format. The reader program is free which is provided by Adobe. Adobe reader can open PDF and its use is free of charge unless you go for an Adobe Acrobat Pro. PDF is an indispensable tool as the document contents can not be edited if no OCR can be applied to the document. Hence, it is the perfect file format when transmitting forms and document as the formatting and design of the document along with the contents may not be copied by other people specially if the document is only sent to be viewed.

By using a virtual printer, your document that can be printed on paper can be saved as PDF. The program will capture the document by setting the destination printer to the virtual printer. But instead of printing a hardcopy, it will prompt the user for a folder location to save the softcopy PDF.

We see many free software available for download online which can accomplish the said task. Cutepdf can virtually enable any Windows applications print command to convert to PDF document. For it to work, you need to also install PS2PDF converter such as Ghostscript.

Pdf24 Creator also features print to PDF function. A virtual printer will be seen when you print your document and it will output the PDF file. It is a standalone executable and installation involves simple wizard. It also provides free function to resize and lower down resolution of big PDF files intended to be sent via email, merging files to one PDF file and extracting a page from multi-page PDF.

As for other virtual printer softwares, you Dopdf, Pdfcreator, and Primopdf. PDF is the de facto standard for the reliable and secure exchange and distribution of softcopy forms and documents around the world and having these tools as utility on your computer can save time when the need to print to PDF arise.

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