RJ45 Networking cable uses RJ45 plug that most ethernet ports connect use. Unlike RJ11, RJ45 has 8 copper wires inside the cable housing. You might need to make an RJ45 cable if you urgently need to make one, when the supply store is far, or when you have low budget for LAN cables. Buying ready-made cables are expensive. Buying the raw materials like the cable and the RJ45 plugs is more cheaper in total cost for long LAN cable requirement than buying ready made cable. Making one is simple.

In order to make an RJ45 cable, follow the following steps.

Steps in Making RJ45 Cable

  1. Know what type of LAN cable you want to crimp. There are two: straight through and crossover.
  2. Get Materials. Materials include the cable, a crimping tool, and RJ45 plugs. You can also get a LAN tester to check the finished cables you made.
  3. Cut the LAN cable into desired length. If straight through cable, arrange the wires inside the cable into color patterns: Light Orange, Orange, Light Green, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Light Brown, and Brown.
  4. When the wires are arranged, carefully put the arranged wires inside the RJ45 plastic plug. Make sure they did not re-arranged.
  5. Verify the cables by checking the colors through the transparent RJ45 plastic plug.
  6. Get the crimping tool and insert the RJ45 plug tip with the cables to the crimping tool hole. Then tightly press the crimping tool handle to crimpt the wire to the RJ45 plug.
  7. Do the same to the other end of the cable. If it is a crossover cable, make sure to follow the color pattern: Light Green, Green, Light Orange, Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Light Brown, Brown.
  8. Test the cable with the LAN tester.

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