As a blogger, we create content and publish it online. For some bloggers, they use their own domain or website for their blog. But for others, we publish our content with Uploading content is not the end of story for the post. The main objective of publishing a content is for visitors and users to be able to read it and make your content informative or helpful. Your page visitor might be new to your website and is either unfamiliar with your site yet. They may not know your website so they search for information with Google Search.

Google is a tech company popular for its search engine. The fast and relevant results being delivered by the page makes it an ideal search engine. For a blogger, we want our content to appear on this search list. Adding your blog site’s index to google search console will help put your contents for indexing and crawling so that keywords match the contents of the page. This is part of search engine optimization. For quick application of SEO to your site, you can start with adding your blog index to Google Search Console.

Google Search Console enables web admins to see the indexing status of a website and optimize visibility of the site. It can be accessed with the following link: Just log in with your google account, enter the URL of your site. For first entry of the URL, it will show that they are processing the request. Wait for the page to show the dashboard by checking it from time to time. Otherwise, for already added URL property, it will show the dashboard. Go to Crawl> Sitemaps and Click Add/Test Sitemaps. Usually, you just add sitemap.xml if your already have one. If not, create one with the guidelines enumerated within the site. Submit and wait for google to refresh and crawl your site.

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