Software are everywhere. From cellphone apps to mobile games. We also have corporate software like HRIS, Inventory system, Purchasing system, warehouse and logistics system or the complete ERP system. There are many opportunities to grow your career in the software industry. You develop a high degree of critical thinking. Career is software engineering is rewarding. Forbes estimates Software Engineer salary in the US at $98,304 a year or can be as huge as $116,267 for Software Architect position. The Software Engineer’s main role is to develop and maintain software applications in their respective domain like web development, desktop apps, mobile apps, or OS specific apps like apps for Mac.It is a hands-on technical development role. Usually, software engineers will implement software taking account the designs created by senior developers or team leader. Coding skills will be development as they also conduct system tests, troubleshoot customer issues and patching software bugs.

Typical responsibilities of a Software engineer includes, but not limited to:
1. Coding, testing and troubleshooting of software programs with the use of appropriate hardware, database, and programming technology.
2. Writing code and tests modules which meets the standards and coding rules set by the team.
3. Providing assistance to Software quality analyst for any identifiable system bugs.
4. Reviewing modified code and development environment to determine and reduce bad impact on system runtime and efficiency.
5. Shares ideas and help other members of the team to meet their goals, thus acts actively during development phase.
6. Monitor other team on a daily reporting mechanism.
7. Applying and implementing organizational software development procedures and standards from software tools.
8. Software manuals creation and other resources for a given software being developed.

Skills development is part of a successful career. It includes continuing to develop skills and knowledge by experiencing new programming languages. Seeking relevant certification for a selected programming language, and develop trust and integrity as a software developer,

Software engineers typically come from Computer science or IT related degree holder. Web developing, software engineers must be knowledgeable in web development technologies such as Javascript, CSS and HTML, Java, JEE Spring, Hibrernate, or REST / SOAP Web services. Being in the web development side is a growing trend for companies looking for Software engineers. However, there are still big room for desktop application software development which requires in-depth skills in C#, VB.Net, C++, or Java that are compiled into executable to run as client apps on computers.

In order to deal with persistence of information of the software, knowledge in database technology like MS SQL, Oracle or MySQL is applied.For the software development life-cycle, software engineers will be apply agile development process to their work.

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