In the information and technology field, we can grow our career as a Network Administrator. Network admins manages the network and does the necessary tasks to support the needs of the users of a network.

List of Skills for Network Administrator

1. Design and implementation LAN or WAN

2. Network equipment configuration and mastery. As network admin, one should be able to configure routers, switch and and hubs.

3. Should be able to do email server configuration and administration. If a user encounters issue with the email server, you should be able to fix the issue. Deployment and management of email is important.

4. Configure and maintain the company internal computer network. With the authority as network admin, you should be able to do setup and maintain company network infrastructure and do the appropriate changes to meet the changing requirements of the business.

5. Security is very important. The strength of security is measured with its weakest point. Knowing firewalls, anti-spam and anti-virus software is needed in this field.

6. Maintaining company website and intranet hosted system may be included on your job. This is an example of Web Server administration.

7. In part of securing the network, familiarity and mastery to network security tools like firewall, anti-virus and intrusion detection systems will be part of the task.

8. Identify, and solve internet issues and do appropriate logging of such events as your task also rests on coordinating internet trouble with ISP.

9. Familiarity with voice network applications includes telephony system technologies. In case trouble on telephone calls arise, troubleshooting knowledge would greatly help users.

As network admin, we will do deployment, configuration and upgrade of our network. Technology changes, and the job of bringing up the industry practice in Networking to an out-dated network infrastructure will bring better value to the company in the long run. Network equipment depreciate, and identifying the upgrade path and associated cost will help management decide. Security breach might be an outcome for poorly upgraded hardware, as flaws are discovered and product updates cover for the insecure features of old network devices. Acknowledging the threat of cyber-attacks will ensure the company will be able to ward of intrusions from malicious 3rd parties.

Lastly, a Network admin should be able to device mechanism for network downtime recovery. Implementing emergency backup and restore systems for mission-critical network servers will help reduce server downtime.Maintaining spare networking equipment and inventory of network assets falls under this responsibility,

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