Infographics are illustrations showing the message or idea of an article or published material. There are graphics in design, and it serves the purpose of better representing your data into comprehensible single or series of graphics. These graphics are mostly made of graphic objects symbolizing the points of an article.

Because they are intended for quick presentation of information, they are simplified graphics and text labels that gives the actual information. The eye catching colors makes the eye comfortable viewing the message. Picture speaks a thousand works indeed.

Various infographic samples can be seen, downloaded or printed online from many websites. Looking at the style of the graphic designer, the infographic can be made up mostly of arrows to show the step flow, label texts to further describe the contents, the simplified image components like icons, whole objects relevant to the infographic, and the background color that is often bright colored and complementing the colors of the elements of the entire graphic.

Finally, infographics allows faster cognition of information by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends and give meaning to the content of the article from the image itself. It is like an eye-candy as our eyes tend to go to lines with photo, rather than being focused of a multi-line page with no graphic. Pictures are still the most used on website pages, however, edited pictures turned into infographic has been very successful in marketing and advertising that having an infographic is a good step toward gaining website visits.

What are the best maker tool of Infographics?

As the explanation indicated that the infographic must be simple but informative, photo-editors are still used as infographic maker. Adding text to a blank canvas on the photo-editor is easy. However, mixing the elements need to be very easy. Using Microsoft Paint, you can create very simple infographics. MS Paint is available on Win PCs builtin into the system. However, since this software have no layer editing capabilities, added text will become part of the original image. A simple alteration of any added text is drawn directly into the image file. If you would have to go back to change a spelling or word, you would either not save the file and start again to edit, or return to a previuos backup copy, and try to put back the necessary changes.

Powerful infographic maker must be Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator and other feature rich graphics editor. The Office MS Powerpoint can still be used, but the advance feature of a graphics software might serve better editing capability that will be used to complex layouts. Adobe Photoshop provides comprehensive features of a graphic design program. Other free to download editors are also available online.

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