Blogging is passion. Your content rely on the effectiveness the information is presented and the substance it provides. Readers visit your site and the value the website provide drives the internet traffic. Earning with blogging is the bonus for the creativity and passion you put on your website. But how can you earn from blogging?

Showing ads has been around quite some time since the  beginning of printed press. TV station and radio also have advertisements. You can have ads on your website if you choose to do so. There are 4 ways to advertise and earn from blogging. On this discussion, we will learn how to earn money from ads you show on your website.

4 Ways to Advertise and Earn from Blogging

1. Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising is very successful in bringing relevant ads to your site. The operating word is relevant which means that the ads being shown on your site is not fixed to a certain list of advertising companies. Instead, the viewer will see specially selected ads tailored to their interests. One of those advertisers is the tech giant Google with their Adsense program. Getting approved for the program is easy if you follow their guidelines.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is often overlooked for bringing earnings to your page. Being an affiliate involves displaying ads from the affiliating company to showcase their products and services closer to people and viewers. It is a simple form of marketing since you will just show up their ads to your page. Often, you get an email regularly from the company for their updates and offerings when you sign up to them.

3. Offering your Website to Potential Advertising Companies

Getting advertisers for your page is not limited to the established ways of getting advertisers. Yes, you can approach companies that can be potential advertisers to your website. A lot of companies see the value of online marketing as a competitive advantage to their business. Consider the growth of eCommerce which lied heavily on online avenues of marketing. If you prove that your site generates internet traffic, then you should be ale to sell an Ad slot of your website.

4. Don’t Look too Far, you can put Your Own Ads on your Website

Because of the value of your blog to your visitors from the contents you write, you can place your own ads on your own site. This gives you an opportunity to grow your reach to people. If the niche you write about is about computer troubleshooting, you can start offering tutorials and books about computer troubleshooting.

We talked about the ways of getting advertisers to earn from blogging. Top earning companies enjoy high traffic which you can see listed in the top websites visited in the Philippines.

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