Facebook had change the way we view social media. Apart from being your profile for online presence, Facebook enabled messaging and sharing platform that far exceeds other social media predecessors. Facebook evolved to include Groups. As such, we can join groups of interest that we might share our knowledge and reach.

So why do we need to leverage the power of Facebook Groups?

For Sharing Knowledge and Learning
Its a social media platform. Join Facebook groups on a specific type of topic. You will be surprise how the large member count translates to people you could learn from. You have questions on that particular topic? Just post your question and it will be answered by the group members. You could also comment your answers to questions of other members of the group.

For Collaboration
As an already available platform, you can use the Facebook group for collaboration. For workmates and/ or friends looking for an online group presence, they could use it to the group for updates and announcements. Its a way to keep everyone notified and updated. It can be a venue for support by commenting suggestions.

For Buy and Sell
Reach is the key. The more you reach, the more chances of sales growth. Reach could be hard to do online, but thanks to buy and sell Facebook groups, the controls to show buy/ sell items are readily available. Whats more, it provides means for the buyers to look for the most affordable items easily with the group.

Like Facebook messenger, Facebook also provides Facebook Group app via Google playstore and Apple Appstore for quick access on mobile phones.

By Kyle

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