If writing has been your forte and a hobby, why not make extra income from it. You don’t need to write a book as we day working individuals tend to lack time and only have limited hours to do extra mile for that extra income.

Many successful bloggers now enjoy the success of their work via Google Adsense. Starting a blog can be profitable as each unique and informative blog can bring in enormous traffic. Partnering with Adsense, bloggers can monetize and continue with their passion of writing online content.

Adsense has certain eligibility requirements to proceed with its applications. First, you need a website. This website is where you right you contents for the readers around the world could check and visit your blogs. It can be your own hosted website on your own server or being hosted by a hosting provider. Free online blog sites like blogger.com provides also the facilities to post your blog pages.

Minors (not at least 18 years old) should wait to be over 18 years old before they can apply. Blog must also meet program policies as per Terms and Condition of Adsense.

Before applying, make sure that the number of blog written has sufficient content as most Adsense application gets disapproved due to lack of content. Graphics and excessive videos on the blog page also must be within acceptable number as the content is what matters. Helpful and original contents also counts. For more info about Google Adsense, please check this. Income from Google Adsense is promising if you work hard on your blog. If you got approved, congratulations. Now you can start enhancing your website traffic with Search Engine Optimization. Follow on the link here to know more about effective search engine optimization tips. Happy blogging.

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