Much can be said about Filipinos, and that we really are hardworking to uplift our quality of life and our love ones. Filipino working youth today are liberal in terms of finding ways to earn extra income.We see how opportunities be best started now than later as time is hat matters when you invest. So long that daytime 8 hour work can be the only source of income, we saw how time management and creativity could provide the extra income we want. That is where Stock market could be on our extra and passive income.

As we see on movies about Wallstreet, that selling or buying of stocks need to be done over the phone seems to limit the degree of control we have. Since we want to make our transactions easy like thru online, we come across COL Financial’s solution which is an Online Trading.

COL provides 3 account types: COL Starter, COL Plus, and COL Premium which has minimum investment of PhP 5,000, PhP 25,000 and PhP 1 Million respectively. Account type provides the necessary support based on the investment fund.You could also request for trying their online trading system with demo account which you could check at To open account, download the forms from the COL Site and fill up the equired information.Filipino citizen need to include a photocopy of 1 Government ID with photo and signature submitted personally or to their business address at Pasig City.

Funding the account can be done using various options like Online Bill Payment, Over the counter bills payment, COL Business center, or for OFWs, overseas remittance.

Its never to late to invest. Learn to research the market before starting as well.

By Kyle

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