Tough External Hard disk: Toshiba Canvio 1Tb

Just how fast the cost of data storage had dropped in past few years change the way we store our digital information. Hard disks become external device which in the past can be usable only inside the computer CPU chassis. USB flash disk and external hard disk now provides majority of computer users storage capacity that we use to transfer files, backup, reformatting tool, or as android OTG storage.

Most of us use our external hard disk as backup storage. We consider our data more important, compared to the cost of the drive. Once data is lost without backup, ordinary users cant just recover everything in 100% all files they lost in every case of data corruption or hardware failure of the external hard disk. It is important to know how to increase the longevity of external HDD life.

Avoid dropping or inducing shock on your external hard drives. Modern drives now have a mechanism to halt or stop read write access on disk on event of shock like HDD being dropped or accidentally touch the drive when connected to computer. Its better to protect your drive.

My personal drive is a Toshiba Canvio 1Tb drive the following specs:
Interface USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible)
Max. transfer rate ~ 5.0 Gbs
Enclosure Matt casing
Color Black
Capacity 1TB
File system NTFS (MS Windows)
*The drive can be re-formatted to HFS+ file system for full Mac compatibility.
Power USB bus power (max. 900mA)
Dimensions 119 x 79 x 15 (mm)

It was bought in August 2014 and continues to provide storage of my files up until today. I is already nearing its 3rd year of reliable service. Compared to a well known brand of hard disk that we just bought on October 2015 that failed me and causing me to loose my files which by its purpose is suppose to save the files that no longer fit on my Toshiba, its such a short time for a brand-new drive to just fail. Recovery software did not worked but warranty still takes effect, but compared to the lost files I just appreciate the Toshiba HDD.

By Kyle

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